Come on in and meet a few of the best trail horses in Guernsey County.  We hope you enjoy what you see in the quality of our horses.  All of our horses have been a part of our family for several years.  Of course we have added horses over the years, but all are very well seasoned mounts.  With our level of experience and expert knowledge of horses, each horse is put through a very vigorous trial period before being offered to our clients.  
 We choose to winter our horses instead of selling them in the fall as some facilities do.  That way we know that we have an excellent quality, safe herd of horses who know their jobs.  When you're ready to ride~~so are our horses!  No hassles of trying to find and purchase "good, safe" horses in the spring, we already have them!

We will soon be adding pictures of more of our wonderful horses, stay tuned!
We have retired a few older ones and added some new mounts!
Diablo is a 21 yr old gelding who has spent the last 16 yrs with us as a trail horse.  Diablo is one of our main mounts for small children.  He has carried children as young as 4 yrs old without a hitch.  He has also been used by a few local 4-H children who had no project horse.  We haven't found anything he can't or won't do to please his rider!
This is Frenchie.  She is a 18 yr old Quarter horse mare who was born and raised here.  We bought her mother out of Canada and didn't know she was bred until she arrived.  Therefore the name "Frenchie"!  Anyone who can stand on 2 feet can ride this mare!  Also one of our double rider horses!
Rusty was laid to rest on Feb. 12, 2018 due to unforeseen health issues that could not be surgically repaired. Our family is devastated at the loss of our boy.  RIP Sweet boy - Loved and missed every single day
This is Rusty, he is a 22 yr old registered Pinto gelding who was brought here for training as a 5 yr old.  Marci just had to have him so we bought him before his training was complete!  Rusty has also been a mount for many children who participate in youth rodeo.  
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We hope you enjoy being able to look over the horses we have to offer!  We try to keep these photos updated regularly!
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George is a tank of a Quarter Horse gelding who is a DREAM to ride.  He came to us from Kansas where he was used as a ranch horse.  Super great horse who is full of power and determination!  He will be used as a guide horse and for an occasional adult rider or two. 
Hoss is a 24 yr old Amazing Quarter Horse gelding and a real trooper!  He spent the majority of his life out west working on the ranches and cattle feed yards.  Hoss is an awesome guy to have around.  You can work cattle on him and still enjoy a leasurely trial ride.  We're glad to have been given the opportunity to purchase him and bring him to Ohio to retire here with us. 
Rose crossed the rainbow bridge due to normal old age health issues.  One of the elite few whom we depended on as a regular "go to" for riders of all ages.  RIP Dear Rosebud - We hope you were waiting to meet Rusty at the rainbow bridge.
Miss Rosebud is an 26 (plus) yr old mare who has been with us for many years.  She's a pleasure to ride and has been a huge asset to our riding program. 
A random photo of some of our Belgian Draft Horses
 (past & present)